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Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is no an act but a habit.


Skills Workshops

Popular with schools, these are bespoke two-hour workshops delivered to meet specific school leadership development requirements. Particularly successful workshops are outlined below. Should you need a different content to the workshop – please get in touch.
Workshop 1: Progress Plain and Simple - Five Measures of Progress in Teaching and Learning

This workshop outlines in detail what practical ways progress is experienced in lessons and what it looks like for students and teachers. It offers quality time for teachers and leaders to reflect on their own experience of teaching, learning and progress as well as giving a plain and simple method of talking about progress in a clear, meaningful way with parents, students and staff.

Workshop 2: Accountability and Challenging Conversations for Leaders

This workshop covers the importance and the effective use of challenge and accountability as a leader to help drive school improvement. It covers the difference between challenging, confrontational and difficult conversations as well as how leaders can supportively lead those conversations and effectively hold staff (and therefore ourselves) to account.

Workshop 3: Communication and Leadership

This workshop explains what it means to communicate well as a leader and the consequences if they don’t. It explains how to communicate more effectively as a leader, the issues the school faces and how better communication will help address those issues. It then gives leaders personalised feedback as to what they need to do more / differently / less to communicate more effectively as a leader.

Workshop 4: On Being a Responsible and Visible Leader

This workshop guides the leader through what it means to be a responsible senior leader, what is required of them and what that means for them in their role. It helps them focus on what they need to do more / differently / less to be a more effective leader.

Workshop 5: Leadership - Workload and Time Management

This workshop outlines different methods of time and workload management, helping each leader to develop a better understanding of how to improve their own personal time and workload management and be a more effective leader.


If you would like to discuss one of our Workshops, or you would just like some more information. 

Impact: Skills Workshops

Here are some examples of the impact of our Skills Workshops


Clear identification of the current strengths and areas of support for leaders in the school


Where leadership currently requires improvement or is inadequate, we provide bespoke, urgent, intensive support to get leader practice back on track


Where leadership needs refreshing or challenging to work at a higher level. We provide bespoke, long term development activities to sustain long term improvements in leader practice

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