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Leadership Plain and Simple (2nd Edition)

Steve Radcliffe, 2012

Hugely popular book on leadership effectiveness, unpacking his successful leadership formula of Future – Engage – Deliver (FED).

A clear, hands-on companion to practical leadership with engaging activities to help leaders realise their leadership potential.

Useful for leaders at all levels to help review practice and improve performance.

A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying Leadership 
(3rd Edition)

Brian Jackson and Ken Parry, 2018 

It may be a small book, but it packs a big punch. A book looking at leadership from seven perspectives: through the leader, the follower, the process, performance, place, purpose and future leadership.

Useful for school leaders in being a contemporary overview of leadership generally, enabling school leaders to compare the world of school leadership with the world of business and political leadership.

Leadership Theory and Practice (7th edition)

Peter Northouse, 2016

A comprehensive book that presents the different theoretical frameworks around leadership, their strengths as well as their possible shortcomings. A meaty tome that is especially useful for (potential) headteachers and executive headteachers who want answers as to why certain leadership styles work the way they do. There is also a particularly interesting section on women and leadership.

Leadership for Dummies

John Marrin, 2011

A hands-on guide for all leaders giving practical advice and guidance to being a leader. Sections include Introducing leadership, leading yourself, leading others, leading people through change and leading different teams. A useful section on coaching, the book concludes with thirty top leadership tips.

Useful for any leader needing a go-to book for immediate advice and guidance.

The Myth of the Strong Leader

Archie Brown, 2014

A book analysing the different predominant political leadership styles of the (mainly) twentieth and twenty first centuries, their successes and failures. Useful for school leaders in being able to compare the micro-political world of school leadership with the macro-political world of state leadership.

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