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Leadership Matters

Andy Buck, 2016

User-friendly leadership manual for school leaders in post. Bringing together the work of Radcliffe and Pendleton, the author gives useful tips and focused reflective questions to support better leadership and better leaders in schools.


Headstrong: 11 Lessons of School Leadership

Dame Sally Coates, 2015

Personal journey of an outstanding headteacher, her experiences in leadership and the 11 lessons she implemented to great success, that any school leader may benefit from also learning.

Clearly laid out with helpful observations and guidance.

Especially useful for Headteachers who need a go-to manual in dealing with the challenges that come with the role.


The School Leadership Journey

John Dunford, 2016

A good overview of education at a local and national level from an author who has been at the top of education in the UK for many years.

Useful chapters on the education of disadvantaged students (he has national experience of this) and leadership styles.


Brave Heads

Dave Harris, 2012

Sixty-four tips on what bravery is in leading a school and how to be courageous and brave when leading it. The book challenges accepted orthodoxies around leadership and encourages school leaders to be comfortable with their own leadership style and choices.

Useful for headteachers by offering strategies to help with the unique set of challenges posed by being a headteacher, or providing inspirational activities to make the school experience even more special.


How to Run Your School Successfully

Adrian Percival and Susan Tranter, 2006

A good introduction to the complex world of Headship where you have to be the master of everything. Useful tables, charts and bibliographies make it a useful book for those starting out on their first headship or those existing heads that want to compare what they do with the authors’ suggestions.


Passionate Leadership in Education

Tim Brighouse and Brent Davies (Editors), 2008

A series of think-pieces about passionate leadership from some of the best educational thinkers and researchers of our generation. Outlines the beliefs, habits and behaviours of passionate teachers.

Useful for school leaders in (re)igniting their passion for teaching and learning in the classroom and for education in general.



Preparing Teachers and Developing School Leaders for the 21st Century

Andreas Schleicher (Editor), 2012

An excellent book with a good international overview of school leadership and teaching for 21st century schools. Data, tables and graphs galore help illustrate the state of teaching and leadership around the world.

Useful for school leaders in providing a detailed overview of the state of international education.



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