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On this resources page you will find lots to inspire and provoke your thinking and your imagination. First, there is a link to my three books, full of strategies to help improve learning in the classroom, leadership in schools or my ground-breaking research into teamwork.
Second, there is a section of resources linked to all three books to support you with implementing the recommended strategies in the best way possible. Third, there are a number of books which I have come across through my professional and academic journey which I present for you here to help carry on the development journey beyond the here and now.


Our Books

Our books provide the knowledge, research-based theory and easy-to-apply strategies that underpin our consultations, coaching, training and lectures.

Our Downloads

Our resources provide downloads that enable you to bring the theory and research encapsulated in each book into your working world. They are the strategies, tools and support that complement each book.

Our Library

Our Library provides the most useful recommended reads related to teaching, learning and leadership in schools.